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2024 Summer Program

2024 Summer Program Enrollment

Enrollment for our 2024 Summer Program is taking place through our Parent Portal. Please be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions below, as our sign up process for this summer has changed.

When you register for the Summer 2024 program, you are also signing off on our Parent Handbook, verifying that you have reviewed and agreed to all policies and procedures therein. A current version of our parent handbook is available here. Make sure you follow our Facebook page for updates about our programs.

Parent Portal Instructions:
  1. Log in to parent portal using your existing log in information. If you forgot your password or receive an error message when trying to log in, please email a screenshot to If this is your first time using the portal, click “Create Account“.
  2. Go to “Browse Program Registration”.
  3. Under “Categories,” go to “Summer Program”
  4. Under “Programs,” select “Summer Programs” again.
  5. Under “Sessions” select the location that you would like to attend. If sessions are not appearing, make sure you remove the filter near the top corner of the screen for your child’s home Club site, as it may not be one of our summer sites and that filter will prevent the site from showing the available summer options. 
  6. Under the different options that appear, make sure to look at the “Course Session” information. This is where you will choose if you want to utilize our Full Summer Day or just after the school district’s Star Camp/Summer Camp.
  7. Each month will have a separate sign up. If you plan to use us for the whole summer, double check that you have both June and July selected.
  8. Once you have selected which “Course Sessions”, click on the cart button.
  9. You will then be prompted to fill out the summer application. Make sure to add at least 2 emergency contacts.
  10. Verify through the summary that the information is correct.
  11. Proceed to “Set Up Payment Method”. Choose “Set up Payment Method” to add a card, choose “Arrange Later at Club” if you would like to wait to set up your information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the staff at your home site and they will be able to provide you with the needed information.


Summer 2024 Locations

We will be offering all day services at the following locations from May 28th – July 26th. 

Battle Creek Elementary (K-8th) 7am – 6pm

Columbia Teen Center (6-12th) 7am – 7pm

Mt. Pleasant Elementary (K-5th) 7am – 6pm

Mt. Pleasant Community Center (6-12th) 7am – 5:30pm

Wayne Street Unit (K-5th) 7am – 7pm 

Pulaski Club (K-12th) 7am – 6pm 

**Please note- sites beginning with Kindergarten can only take youth who have completed Kindergarten, and 6th grade & up sites take youth who just completed 6th grade.


Program Cost

To request financial aid for the summer 2024 program, please complete our financial aid application here and email it (along with your supporting documents) to the Club Director over your child’s site at the email address listed above.

Maury County locations —

$55/week if your child is attending our program after MCPS’ STAR Camp during the month of June ($275 total for the month). 

$75/week for full day program (June $275, July $300)

Columbia Teen Center – $25/week for middle school students (June $125, July $100), FREE membership for all high school students!

Pulaski Club

$250 for the entire summer ($125 per month)


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